How long is the personal training session? 

A training session is 1 hour long. But I highly encourage my clients to come early and/or stay late for extra cardio (and many of them do!).

What should I expect during the session?

I have all my clients warm up for 5-10 minutes, (and encourage them to come early to do so.) Then a proper dynamic stretch ensues. Depending on the style of workout I have formatted for my client, an extra warm-up could occur. For example, if a client is doing a heavy leg day, I will make sure to give them a 5 minute band activation before hand. From there, a unique and specially designed workout takes place depending on the person's goals, abilities and preferences.

What is Shannon's training style?

I am very proud to be able to say I am a client's trainer. The business has deviated slightly from serving the individual to showcasing the trainer. I am in the service industry, and my clients mean everything to me. I often text with them throughout the day to chat about life issues, soreness level, weight loss goals, diet questions and so much more. In the gym, my training style is eclectic. Because once again, it's not about me, and what I like to do, it's about the needs and abilities of my individual clients. I apply functional training methods, HIIT, olympic weightlifting and many other proven techniques to obtain maximum results.

Can Shannon train more than one person at a time?

Absolutely. I get that not only is it more fun to have a buddy with you while you're sweating, but there's something about showing up for someone else when you’ve made a commitment to them. Pairs are very common. I currently train a mother/daughter duo, several married couples, and some girlfriends too! However, I can't do more than 3 people in the gym. More than three people would have to be an "at-home" session. Pairs, three people and home visits all have their own rates as well, which are all slightly higher than a single gym session.


Where is the gym located? 

Shannon trains out of two different private training gyms:

  • West Hollywood

    • Free parking

    • Towels + water provided

    • Showers and locker rooms on site

  • Santa Monica 

    • Parking behind building

    • Towels + water provided

    • Showers and locker rooms on site

Can I go into the gym when I'm not training with Shannon?

The beautiful thing about a private training gym is that during your session it is ONLY you and your trainer and a small handful of other private one-on-one training sessions. Both of the gyms I train out of DO offer small group class schedules, but unfortunately there is no access to the gym if you're not with a trainer. As a workaround, I often have clients come early and stay late before and after their workout.

Can Shannon come to my house and train me? 

Yes! I have several "home-clients". Most of them have gyms on premise, but I can bring my own equipment if needed. The rate is higher though since it becomes two hours with drive time to and from a residence.


How much does 1 on 1 training cost?

Shannon's hourly and package rates are very fair and competitive within the LA market. CLICK HERE to request a booking or CLICK HERE to download rate card. Serious inquiries only please. 

How do I pay? 

There are several ways to pay for your sessions. Most of my clients buy packages, versus paying for each individual session. I accept cash, check, PayPal and Venmo.


Does Shannon offer wedding prep packages or services? 

Yes! Wedding prep is a favorite of mine. I've had many successful and happy brides and grooms under my care. CLICK HERE to find out more and to let me know your own visions and goals.

Does Shannon offer any Nutrition programs with her training? 

I am always talking to my clients about health and nutrition. I preach a healthy lifestyle versus crash diets and fast results. But I don't offer a stringent nutrition program...yet! ;-) CLICK HERE for my recipe book collaboration though for some of my favorite recipes I make for myself on the regular.


Is Shannon certified? 

One hundred percent. It's scary to think that many trainers are not. Always ask! I am certified through I.S.S.A. and was honored with the "Famous Alumni Award" in the Spring of 2019 for my work in the field. I am also CPR certified and hold many continuing education certificates as well, such as: pre and post natal fitness, nutrition, group fitness and spin to name some of the more popular ones.

How long has Shannon been training? 

I have been a full-time group and individual trainer in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles for over five years. Before that I received my B.A. and teaching credential and also attended nursing school. I feel like I was made to be a fitness trainer, and am so happy I found it.


Does Shannon train males and females?

I train all genders, ages and abilities

What if I am not athletic, can Shannon still train me?

Of course! it is such a pleasure to guide each of my clients along their own unique fitness journey. A trainer has the ability to encourage and push each individual at their own pace.