“she works with my busy schedule”

Model Roz, International Super Model 

I have to feel fit and look good, it’s literally my job. I’ve been training with Shannon for over 3 years. She constantly challenges me while making my workouts fun. She also works with my busy schedule to make sure I get my sessions in every week. Shannon is the best trainer I’ve ever had!

“best shape of my life”

Mallory Michelle, Super Mom/Artist

Shannon is amazing. She pushes me physically and mentally every session. I’m in the best shape of my life, and that is after having a baby, because of her. 

“a huge change in my strength and focus”

Dr. Dovi Prero, Orthodontist Beverly Hills


Since I’ve started to train with Shannon I’ve notice a huge change in my strength and focus. Each training session is custom tailored to what I need. And she encourages you to do your best, and then more. Shannon is a rockstar.

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Shannon Hebroni, Teacher

“I have been personal training with Shannon for over two years, twice per week and have never left a session without feeling 100% satisfied. During each session, Shannon always has new and creative moves for me to try that not only challenge my body, but my mind as well. She understands how to push and motivate me while always being mindful about how each person is on a different fitness level. Whether her inspiration may be from boxing, cycling, HIIT, or a range of sports, Shannon ensures to tailor each personal training session for my specific body type, and body goals. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her clients, and makes working out extremely fun and rewarding. I have truly seen my body transform and become so much STRONGER and feel so much more confident thanks to Shannon Shape!”


“transformed my relationship with my body”

Brittney Segal, Netflix 

Shannon has transformed my relationship with my body. Since working with her I’ve gotten stronger than I’ve been in my life, and I feel amazing! I started working with her to shed weight for my wedding, but now my goal is to be fit in the long term.


“She keeps me laughing the whole time”

Caroline Bailey, Fandango 

I feel so lucky to work out with Shannon! Shannon is super knowledgeable and can find strengths and weaknesses in my body I would never have found without her personal attention. Not only is she a great trainer who gets me to work harder than anyone else, but she also keeps me laughing the whole time!

“constantly interesting + innovative”

Seth Epstein, Los York

seth image.png

"If you could design a perfect personal trainer - they would be nice but firm, encouraging but not kiss ass, well trained and expert at what they do and they would be a living example of what they preach. Shannon is all of those things and much more. 

I am resistant to training and being in the gym - but Shannon’s approach is constantly interesting and innovative. No two work outs are the same and I never (almost never :)) look at my watch wondering how much longer the work out will go.

Finally, if you are going to train with someone for an hour -  I think it’s good to like them and respect them -  and Shannon is simply an amazing human being who loves what she does and has a smile that lights up every room she walks into.  She is my trainer and also a friend and cheerleader to my goals.

“perfect combination of tough, funny + patient”

Jim Lovinggood, D’Angelico Guitars

“Shannon is an incredible trainer and person. She is the perfect combination of tough, funny and patient (thank goodness she’s patient, I need it). I’ve been working out with Shannon for about 7 months and she has helped change my life both physically and mentally. She’s simply the best!!

dr nancy.png

“Her personal lifestyle is motivating”

Dr. Nancy samolitis

I have been working out with Shannon for almost a year and have definitely seen and felt the improvements in muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance. I love how my workouts with her are customized to my needs, always fresh, and never repetitive. She is always in a great mood and fun to be around, even super early in the morning. Her personal diet and fitness lifestyle is very motivating to her clients. I have worked out with several trainers in the past few years and am so happy that I found her. She is top notch!

“taught me how to incorporate fitness as a lifestyle”

Dr. Elizabeth B, Cedars-Sinai Hospital 

Innovative, enthusiastic, fun, dedicated, personalized and transformative training! Shannon is an amazing person and trainer who has taught me how to incorporate fitness as a lifestyle.

“no two workouts are the same”

Jenna R, CEO


I absolutely love training with Shannon. Her workouts are challenging and no two are the same. I use to dread going to the gym but now I really look forward to my sessions with Shannon.  Her positive energy is contagious and I leave every workout feeling amazing!



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