Week One, Day One:


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5-10 Minute Warm Up

Suggestions: Walking (30 second hard word, 30 second cool down), Jumping Jacks (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest), Shadow Boxing, Jump Rope, Stationary Bike)

2-4 Walkouts / Dynamic Stretch

  • Fold forward and reach for toes, hold 20-30 seconds. Cradle opposite elbows and sway while folded. -Walkout into a high plank. Keep legs straight.

  • Step right foot to outside of right hand. Slowly lower left knee to ground. Step back into plank. -Repeat on opposite side. -Transition into "Child's Pose"

  • Get into tabletop position for “Cat / Cow”

  • Back into high plank

  • Walk hands back to toes and slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time. The top of the head is the last thing to roll up.

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20 Squats


20 Butterfly Crunches


High Plank


20 Alternating Reverse Lunges


20 Russian Twists (Right = 1, Left = 1)


12 Push Ups


12 Knee to Standing Squats


Great job + see you tomorrow!

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